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With Marcel Smith and Kid Andersen ~ Greaseland

With Greg Jones, Peter Booras and Kid ~ Greaseland

With Bob Welsh ~ Greaseland Sessin

With Donnie Green & Kid ~ Greaseland 

With Baxter Robertson, Donnie & Kid ~ Greaselnd

Photo by Willima J Henderson ~ Greaseland

With Jim Dewrance, Peter Booras ~ Photo by Dan Wright




  • The Office

  • 1748 El Camino 

  • San Carlos, CA 

  • Feat. CHRIS CAIN



  • HMB Brewery

  • 390 Capistrano Road

  • Half Moon Bay, CA

  • (650) 728-2739










  • Wharf House

  • 1400 Wharf rd

  • Capitola, CA 95010

  •  (831) 476-3534



New AJ Crawdaddy CD, "Steppin' Out"!! 


Our third AJ Crawdaddy CD is well under way at Greaseland Studios with the great, "Kid" Andersen producing.  So far we have 13 tracks recorded and we're moving forward expeditiously for release this summer, post pandemic with any luck.  This effort features the core band, plus many of our friends appearing as "Special Guests".  I like to think of this record as my Soul/Blues Variety Show record, featuring many of our local cavalcade of great musicians and vocalists.  It's always been my problem, I don't know when to quit!!  So, stay tuned for updates here as the project progresses. And stay high while you're at it!  Flatten the Curve!  Stay Home for cryin' out loud!!

                   COVID-19 Update

The Viral funk has shut "Live Performance" down for the time being. I'm sequestered per the directions of the State and County to try and "Flatten The Curve". My pen pal in Italy, Silverio Ruggieri an esteemed scholar and Bio Chemistry Professor assures me that the threat is real and has personally advised that we self quarantine as they are doing across the globe to try and slow down the attack of Covid-19 virus spread.  Good luck to all of our friends and families out there, be vigilant and stay strong.  God bless us all!  See you on the other side of this pandemic!!  Stay healthy!  Stay home!

             Streaming Services

The business of selling music as an independent artist is getting crazy and evolving rapidly.  Where I once had CD Baby as my on-line store, that is no longer available.  I'm gonna have to become a quick study and figure out the new tools.  The new CD is almost ready so, I better figure it out quick!  I believe I'm going to have to find a more efficient mechanism for marketing the brand, our music once I'm ready to release it.  The question now is, without the support of a label, do I really want to press a thousand CD's like I did with the last two releases or maybe half that amount and see what happens?   I'm currently represented on Spotify but not sure if those monies are significant enough to actually know what if any $$$$ are being generated there.  


 All appearances are cancelled due to Coronavirus.  Be safe out there people!

                Thanks in general.. 


II had the honor of joining Joe Hammons and his outstanding ensemble as "Special Guest" at the Feather Falls Casino Full House Blues Jam on Wednesday 6/19!  Feather Falls Casino & Lodge!  We had a blast and I truly enjoyed working with the Full House Blues Ensemble!  Thank you Joe for the generous invitation and awesome accommodations!    

I want to thank Bill Copp for the cool interview for Metro San Jose that many folks commented on when I visited the Johnny Cat Jam at Little Lou's!  Way cool!  Check it out!


Today, I received another request to perform on a visitng World Cruise Ship, another, "3 Hour Cruise" gig aboard The Sun Princess of Princess Cruise Lines headed for San Francisco Bay! If our handlers, are anything like Paolo and Fabio from MSC it should be a very professional experience with international guests visiting SF on a world music emmersion adventure.  These "Love Boat" adventures are produced by IEB Folklore Emersion specialists out of EU. This one is coming up rather quick, 6/27. Accompanied by our very Special Guests Ms. Terrie Odabi BMA nominated artist, the AJ Crawdaddy ensemble received standing ovations from an enthusiastic international audience, so appreciative of our performance that it looks like an encore perfrmance is upon us.  We enjoy making friends and winning fans from around the globe.  

Stay tuned for updates as I get 'em!  Peace, Love and Blues!!


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