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  • Wharf House

  • 1400 Wharf rd

  • Capitola, CA 95010

  •  (831) 476-3534


With Greg Jones, Peter Booras and Kid ~ Greaseland

With Bob Welsh ~ Greaseland Sessin


With Baxter Robertson, Donnie & Kid ~ Greaselnd








New AJ Crawdaddy CD, "Steppin' Out"!! 


Our third AJ Crawdaddy CD available for digital Download on Band Camp here:



It may not be the best of time and there is so much uncertainty and "NO GIGS" to support it, but here it is.  This record was a departure from previous efforts in that it was Produced By Kid Andersen and recorded at Greaseland USA.  Featuring may local players chosen by Kid and myself and Special Guest vocalists, Marcel Smith on "Big Hurt" and "Rain Of Tears".  John Blues Boyd on "Ten Long Years".  Baxter and Jimmy sing two each and I cover the Title Track "Steppin' Out!" and 3 others.  It's a band in that Peter Booras and Greg Jones played on four of the tracks.  Gotta' keep the core together thru thick and thin.  I enjoyed getting this recorded and the timing was uncanny. Our final session took place the day California was shuttered due to the virus.  So, as they say, "Timing Is Everything"!  Enjoy it!!   Which reminds me... Flatten the Goddamn Curve Round Three is begun and winter is coming. COVID-19 like cold weather and here in California we have to stay vigilant!  And don't forget to VOTE!!  Do it by mai!!  Do it anyway you can, but please, VOTE! These are tough times for everyone, but for musicians especially since we're all out of work for the foreseeable future.  Stay Home for cryin' out loud and wear a mask when you're out and about, but buy our records and tip us when we go "Live Stream", okay?   We're all in this together!!

Releasing Records in 2020

The business of selling music as an independent artist is getting crazy and evolving rapidly.  Where I once had CD Baby as my on-line store, that is no longer available.  CD Baby is so innefficient adn cumbersome that I abandoned them and went with Distrokid for distribution on all of the, "Virtual Stores" and "Streaming" sites.  As I went through the process this time, I found that Bandcamp was and remains the best way to release an "Indie" record.  The ability to build your own "Album" complete with accurate credits and lyrics, identifying technical aspects of the recording is more like the Old School records of my day (60's ~ 70's).  There's more information to read and digest and I like that!  It's also quite versitile, for Merch sales and fan base capture.  Bandcamp enables the artist to see immediate monetary results and gives us access to those who purchase our music via a "touch" point, their email!!  The "other' corporate tools such as Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc., they remain aloof and not artist centric.  They alienate rather than include the artist in "touch" or true data gathering.  They steal it all and take their cut!  They give you a monthly report after the fact and it's too late by then.  Pretty distressing and onerous in my view.  The only reason I included them in the release was to keep my All Music, Grammy Voting status.  

So all hail the good folks at Bandcamp for building a vehicle that supports the artists and not the shareholders!  Bravo!


 All appearances are cancelled due to Coronavirus.  Be safe out there people!

I want to thank Bill Copp for the cool interview for Metro San Jose that many folks commented on when I visited the Johnny Cat Jam at Little Lou's!  Way cool!  Check it out!


Stay tuned for updates as I get 'em!  Peace, Love and Blues!!


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With Jim Dewrance, Peter Booras ~ Photo by Dan Wright

With Marcel Smith and Kid Andersen ~ Greaseland

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