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2020 Release on Cave Records (Indie) wins Indie Blues award!!

AJ Crawdaddy ~ Steppin' Out!


Steppin’ Out! represents AJ Crawdaddy’s (Angelo J Rossi) third, Indie Blues effort. His first two records, “Vaporized” and “Slow Cookin'" (below) were both produced, recorded and engineered by Angelo at his Cave Recording Studio, Mixed by Brett Brown and released on Renown Records to critical acclaim.  This record is AJ stepping away from producing and engineering duties and breaking with Renown records to work with vaunted Blues Musician, Producer, and Engineer, Christoffer “Kid” Andersen.  “It Goes To Eleven”!  11 dynamite tracks of bluesy gumbo consisting of originals and covers, a greasy stew of savory vocalists simmering in tasty horn arrangements with plenty of sweet steely guitar riffs and harmonica spice.  Bring your appetite because you will not leave hungry.

Big Hurt ~ Feat. Marcel Smith ~ Vocals
Country Girl (Home At Last) ~ Featuring Jim Dewrance on Vox & Harmonica
Steppin' Out! ~ Feat. Quique Gomez on Harmonica and AJ on Vocals 
Need Another Favor ~ Baxter Robertson Vox and Keys ~ Feat. ~ June Core ~ Drums
New Back Scratcher ~ Feat. Jim Dewrance on Vox and Harmonica
That's What Love Will Do ~ Featuring Mike Rinta on Trombone!
Don't Think About It, Baby! ~ Featuring Baxter Robertson on Vocals and Keys
Ten Long Years ~ Featuring John Blues Bpyd on Vocals
Boney Maronie ~ Featuring Robert Welsh Piano Michael Peloquin Bari Sax Solos and Kid Andersen Guitar Solo!
Mean Man ~ Featuring Michael Peloquin on Tenor Sax and Kid Andersen on B3 
Rain Of Tear ~ Featuring Marcel Smith on Vocals and Lisa Leuschner Andersen on BG's


Angelo J Rossi

(650) 245-0984

2017 Release on Cave Records hit #10 on Living Blues Charts

AJ Crawdaddy ~ Slow Cookin'


AJ Crawdaddy's second Indie Blues release, "Slow Cookin'" produced, engineered and recorded at The Cave Recording Studio with the AJ Crawdaddy Band.  AJ Crawdaddy is:  Angelo J RossiGuitar & Vox, Peter Booras  ~ Drums, Greg Jones ~ Bass, Baxter Robertson, and our newest addition to the band, Jim Dewrance on Harmonic and Vocals ~ Keyboards & B3, Endre Tarczy ~ Keyboards and B3, and Nate Ginsberg ~ Keyboards and B3.  Thanks to Christopher Kid Andersen and Simon Govan Smith for subbing a bunch of lead guitar and helping me finish this record, as my hand was seriously injured!!  Michael Peloquin arranged all horn and with master Trumpet player Marcel Marchetti rounded out the line up for this critically acclaimed effort.

AJ's Shuffle ~ Feat. Nate Ginsberg on Piano and B3
Cold Cold Feeling ~ B3 by Jim Pugh and Jim Dewrance on Vox & Harmonica
Drinkin'  All By Myself ~ Feat. Baxter Vox, Marcel Marchetti on Muted Trumpet
Fine Lookin' Woman ~ AJ ~ Vox, Sax Solo by Michael Peloquin
Talk To Me Baby ~ Feat. Jim Dewrance on Vox and Harmonica
Someday ~ Baxter Vox, Guitar Solo by Kid Andersen*
Too Many Drivers ~ AJ ~ Vox, Guitar Solo By Kid Andersen *
Hard Luck Lover ~ Guitar Solo by Kid Andersen*, Sax Solo by Michael Peloquin
She Don't Want Me No More ~ Baxter Vox, Guitar Solo by Kid Andersen*
Slow Cookin' ~ Feat. Endre Tarczy on Piano and Simon Govan Smith Guitar Solo*
AJ's first Indie Blues release in 2015 arranged, produced and recorded at The Cave by AJ and Band!

AJ Crawdaddy ~ Vaporized


AJ Crawdaddy's Solo Blues release, "Vaporized" produced, engineered and recorded at The Cave Recording Studio, by AJ with the AJ Crawdaddy Band.AJ Crawdaddy is:  Angelo J Rossi ~ Guitar & Vox, Peter Booras  ~ Drums, Greg Jones ~ Bass, Baxter Robertson, ~ Keyboards & B3, Endre Tarczy ~ Keyboards and B3, and Nate Ginsberg ~ Keyboards and B3.  Thanks to Christopher Kid Andersen, Aki Kumar, Kevin Greenwood, Terri Odabi, Lucille Hurd, Endre Tarczy and Nate Ginsberg for helping me make this record!  Special thanks to Frank DeRose for his Marketing expertise and to all of my SF Bay Area Blues Tribe!  

It's All Right ~ Feat. Aki Kumar, Harmonica

Rain Of Tears ~ Feat. Terrie Odabi and Lucille Hurd Background Vocals

That's What Love Will Do ~Little Milton classic

Mean Man ~ Feat. Kevin Greenwood, Harmonica

Sandy ~ Feat. Baxter Robertson, Vox

Hoop Time ~ Feat. Endre Tarczy, Keyboards

Lose It All ~ Original Slow Blues

Think ~ Jimmy McCracklin classic

Reconsider Baby ~ Lowell Fulson

Vaporized ~ Feat. Nate Ginsberg, B3

AJ APpIcon.jpg
AJ's 2021 "Single" recorded and prodiuced by Kid Andersen at Greaseland USA

AJ Crawdaddy ~ Love & War 'Single'

I penned this song 25 years ago for a project with Lucky Mud drummer, producer Ken Corday of Days of Our Lives.   And once again, we called upon Christoffer "Kid" Andersen at Greasland USA to produce it.  He did not disappoint!  With the great Paul Revelli on drums and tambourine, Greg Jones on bass, and Baxter Robertson on piano, Hammond B3, and BG's.  Special guest appearance on guitars by Kid.   Released on Bandcamp, and on all major streaming platforms via DistroKid. Released by Cave Records!

Love & War ~ AJ Crwadaddy 

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