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I'm gonna' be leaving Facebook at some point in the near future. I am going to have to escape the idiocy, the mayhem, my own narcissism and facebook's gravitational social pull. I am going to escape at some point, before it's too late. But, first, one last recording project, one more attempt to capture lightening in a bottle, a final act of prestidigitation. My last as far as the AJ Crawdaddy series. Not sure exactly what comes next, but I have been making substandard art for 50+ years, I'll find a gig somewhere. I'll fall, trip, stumble around till I morph, and who knows what will happen with whatever I have left in my wake. I have been a stubborn artist, consistent in my appreciation for the art form, hungry for all of the trappings, motivated by the most loving and technical reasons, and remain appreciative and happy that those reasons exit! Thankful for the magical musical moments, engineering laughs and gaffs, best laid plans, fabulous design ideas, photo's, artwork, print, the leap of faith journey to the unknown. After concocting this diatribe, I want to reach out just to say, "We are not alone"! It takes a village. More later, Post Pandemic...

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