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Good grief!

Can you imagine how incompetent and ignorant one has to be to disregard science? How about disregarding history and lessons learned? It's a brave new world of "alternative facts" and "fake news" as brought to US by a pathological liar and yet everyday, we are subjected to what any logical, thinking human being can only deduce, is total bullshit. So, why are so many Americans in love with this "Emperor with no clothes"? Every day, his face is plastered everywhere, his whimpering and self aggrandizing bombast, celebrated by AR carrying, faux patriots, whom, truth be told, are the efficacy of Timothy Mcveigh and Terry Nichols. These people are all homegrown insurgents, funded by ALEC and the Koch brothers, streamed by Fox News, Breitbart and a slew of conspiracy theorists. They are threatening the very fabric of a democratically run government with bullying and intimidation tactics. Flying nazi flags is now the new norm while parading in city rotundas nationwide, shouting white supremacy chants, and all in an attempt to minimize, what science is already verified as a pandemic virus. You just can't make this shit up. How far have we fallen you might ask? We have isolated ourselves from the world, closed our borders, built a wall, all but abolished science and alienated our allies, embracing autocratic regimes around the world and reclassified and now define known KKK and vicious thugs as, "Good People". If you're not upset by this behavior, this movement of ignorance, you should be.

So, let's prepare for what comes next. Opening the country up prematurely will bring on the second wave of Covid-19, just in time for the election, and in true to form, autocratic delusions of wannabe, these idiots (GOP and Dems), will suspend democracy. and "cancel the election", dooming US to a never ending dictatorship of lies, deceit, and vicious autocratic rule by am indicted and documented criminal and his grifter regime/family.

How did we get here? I'm so glad you asked. We enabled a billionaire class, we denied that racism existed only to replace truth with propaganda, faux patriotism and endless wars to distract US. Meanwhile our elected officials quietly went about waging a psychological insurgency to take root in our inner cities and rural heartland. Soonm, the cancer spread to states and gerrymandered voting became acceptable and event hrived. We the citizenry became soft and under educated as a nation. We allowed our manufacturing and rural powerhouses of steel manufacturing and automobile prowess to be shipped overseas, out technology and security to be hacked from within. And now, with tariffs, our family farming industry dismantled and privatized. We've become so complacent that we even accept failure and incompetence to be rebranded as success. And in our dazed and confused stupor as the new order of left is right and up is now down, we have become cynical and currently hurtling down a trajectory of apoplectic seizure and and unending fuckery.

My friends, we have seen the enemy and they are US. This is not the time to abandon our "resistance. This is the time for all good people to stand together and fight this scourge of disobedience, false prophets and insurgency and to bring about a new dialogue of truth, conscience and compassion, a new vision of harmony and peace and a reinvented image of our once great nation. If we do not act, we will surely perish and just like so may of the great civilizations before us, Rome, Egypt, the Aztecs , we will

fall of the depths of historical insignificance.

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