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Happy 4/20 to all of my fellow tokers!!

It's 4/20!! It's Hank's Birthday too!! Hank is a fellow survivor, an anchor in a world adrift, a bold brother whom we all love dearly! And then, that just reminds me that there are are so many good people in our lives, that today, they all deserve our love and appreciation. So, make sure that you communicate and connect with all of your friends today on 4/20!! Why not? Reach out! Send a photo, send a heart, send an "Emoji" or a GIF!! Whatever your thing is. Just don't send a video on chat, please!! FUCK!! Or, something ridiculously long and/or too technicalv, please! Just do it!! You'll feel better and you might even make somebody's day brighter by including them. I am often reminded that my time here on the third stone from the sun is almost over and could end abruptly, today, tomorrow, who the fuck knows? So, personally, I am so thankful to be able to write this down and "BLOG" it to you. Even more thankful if you actually read it to this point. :-) Surely, I'm on the back nine now, so, the tendency is to get melancholy and use cliche's like, "every day is a gift" and "one day at a time". That there are many folks who are gone now whom I miss which

keeps me in the moment. So don't get caught watching the paint dry!! Reach out! Connect! Stay safe and stay home!! Safety first!! It's 4/20!! Celebrate!

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