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Here Comes the 4th of July! Oh no!!

Spikes in the #trumpvirus, Russians paying bounties on American Servicemen, tell all books revealing the insanity of our plight, children being caged on our border, pandered as sex slaves by GOP operatives, the return of infection spikes has everyone wondering, have we lost our collective minds? We are enduring failed leadership at work and if you don't agree, you're part of the problem. Americans are so divided and so gullible, susceptible to this flim-flam Administration, this so called "Christian" ignorance, messing with the separation powers and fueling the outright decimation of our constitution and democracy with endless, partisan Supreme Court decisions. These are becoming desperate time in America. And due to our current leadership void as perpetrated by the GOP, this new Fascism regime of ignorance and discord has gotten America banned from International travel by the EU. We have become a "Shit hole" country under this administration and our system of checks and balances has been replaced by a kleptocracy of wealthy old white racists. We need a new sheriff in town, pronto!! Or was that, "Tonto"? Whole damn world is "Triggered"!! #fuckdonaldjohntrump #andthegophorseherodeinon #tre45on

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