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Where's our Stimulus!!

Once again, the powers that be have stolen the "stimulus". Ripped US all off, lining their pockets and back slapping each other, congratulating their lying, cheating agenda all the way to the US Treasury. Just read this morning that the vulture capitalist, "Hedge Funds" swooped in and grabbed all of the, "Small Business" stimulus, leaving you and me out in the cold, out of the money, again. That's just plain wrong. I hear from some folks that they have received their $1200, but, I haven't. I signed up for unemployment as a gig worker, out of work because of Covid-19, and so far, not a thing. So here I sit, wondering how and if I'm gonna survive this, "government". Hell with the virus, the government is doing their best to kill us all off! This "moron in chief" still has done nothing about "testing" the population and is literally stealing every nickel he can by marking up emergency supplies for front line hospital and emergency services and emergency personnel and funneling profits thru Jared Kushner's frat buddies and his Republican donors, while lining their pockets and his. Such endless grifting and corruption we have never witnessed and all sanctioned and protected by the GOP. When is enough enough? Who can listen to his clown and his daily lying, truth twisting rampages without wanting him tarred and feathered, removed from office post haste? Eventually, he and his ilk will be held accountable. History has a way of delivering justice even when our constitutional mechanism's are corrupted and ignored. But, will it be too late? How many more people will die before justice is levied on these corrupt ad self serving grifters? Meanwhile, MAGA zombies in Ohio and Nazi White Nationalists decided to infect each other in yet another Trump fueled attempt to, "Open da Guberment"! Our fellow Americans, as we have learned are not very smart, and are led like lambs to the slaughter! Can you say...idiots?

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