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Everyday is Earth Day

Whether you choose to believe it or not, after we're done killing each other, ignoring the warnings, every day will be earth day, and you and I? You and I are quickly hurtling ourselves toward extinction. Our grandkids may not survive to celebrate Earth Day if we don't wake up, commit ourselves to changing our eco-footprint. This planet will endure. She is infinite, always and forever, self sustainable. Humanity is not. Civilizations go extinct. Mother nature always has the last word. Covid-19 is a symptom, a warning, a precursor of what man has wrought in the name of progress. Will we heed the warning? If you believe in science, and I do, we can still turn it around, and in fact, Covid-19 is acutely accelerating this process, causing this to happen as I type. HInt! Hint!! When I take a walk outside in between SIP, I notice it. The air is cleaner. The stars are brighter, clearer. The oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, all over the planet are running cleaner, clearer. Maybe Covid-19 is a sign? Perhaps mother earth is trying to tell us, warn us though the proxy of a pandemic? Maybe we need to slow down, take. breath, be more honest with ourselves, try and live harmonious lives with nature, explore alternative fuels, reduce our dependance on fossil fuels, be kinder and gentler stewards of mother earth. On this Earth Day, I am committing myself to a less invasive ecological footprint. I'm going to drive less, recycle more, plant a victory garden, resolve to live a greener lifestyle. My Earth Day resolution to you is to support and embrace a green new deal from here on out. Won't you join, "Manchas" (photo) and I in celebrating this Earth Day? Ain't she a beauty?

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