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The journey is the....

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

So, the last time I was here, was a year ago, in the middle of the pandemic!! Well, we lived!! We made it thru!! Congrats if you are reading this! Over 1 Million folks left the planet in the US alone.. who knows how many world wide.. probably a number we don't want to think about. Anyway, It's good to be back.

And even though nobody reads these entries into my BLOG, they are here for me and for personal reasons. Not sure if I updated you on my personal journey or not, but I did release a new CD in 2020, Steppin' Out! and then followed up with a single in 2021, "Love & War" and since then, Judi & I moved home to our beloved Woodside, CA. We are so overjoyed to be back after a 10 year hiatus. The stars aligned and through the grace from above, hard work, and frugal methods, we were able to pay off our mortgage and save enough money to come home. Since then, it's been adapting to our space anew and trying to keep up with family, friends, music, real estate and stay healthy.

Whew, whoever said, "The Journey Is The Reward" was spot on.. and what a journey it has been. Lots of new friends, new family members (grands) and you name it, all heck bustin' loose. Many old friends transitioning, and too many just fading away, which brings up the questions related to "Mortality". Nobody really wants to talk about it, but at 72, I am definitely keenly aware that I am on the back nine. (golf term)

The questions abound, such as how do I do this gracefully? How do I plan for my own demise? What do I do if my love leaves before me? Where do I go when I cack!! Did I do good while I was here? Heaven, or hell? These are my thoughts. I'm sure many of you are much more prepared than I am, but I am writing this to a) remind myself to "make arrangements" and b) try not to be morbid and dare I say, negative. It's difficult, but I will rise to the challenge like I have for my entire career. So, then why am I dragging my feet? No will? No Trust? No plan? I am being lazy and irresponsible, two hallmarks of my existence that I accept and yet try to rise above. I'm hoping that by writing this down that I will act. Wish me luck!

So, there you have it.. a minor update, a place marker in the life and times of Angelo J Rossi, AKA AJ Crawdaddy is entered into the record. As you were....

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